Meet Tony on Market Street in Jonestown, PA

Welcome to Tony’s on Market Street of Jonestown, PA, your healthy internet café escape in the heart of Lebanon County. Relax and enjoy free Wi-Fi access as you eat from our healthy menu of high quality foods. We are your relaxing sandwich nook that has an extensive menu. If you have been searching for a healthy alternative to fast food and don’t want to feel pressured to eat in our fast-paced world, then our internet café on Market Street in Jonestown, PA has the dining experience you seek.

Healthy and Quaint with the Quiet You Seek

We pride ourselves in being a healthy, quaint little restaurant that has become a haven for people living near Market Street or in Jonestown, PA and surrounding areas. We are not a fast food estabilishment and we are not fine dinning.  We make every item as you order it and our paninis get their unique flavor by sitting in our panini press just until the bread is crisp on the out side.  This process alone takes about 10 minutes.  If you need a quicker meal, we would love for you to call ahead and we will begin the process before you arrive. You will have peace and quiet as you catch up on emails, study for exams, or have business meetings. As you search the internet your food will be delivered to your table. The air around you will permeate with the freshest ingredients, tempting you to try our signature fresh baked dishes. Searching the internet or studying for exams while eating our chocolate desserts and sipping our specialty coffees adds a whole new level to these experiences.

Enjoy Our Healthy Restaurant Atmosphere on Market Street

Tony has owned and run pizza shops his whole life and felt Jonestown, PA needed a healthy sandwich restaurant where everyone could sit and enjoy a relaxing, stress-free atmosphere while savoring the highest quality sandwiches, wraps, and desserts you won’t find for miles. Our healthy café gem has become popular just within a few weeks of opening, giving testament to our top notch customer service and wonderful restaurant atmosphere. Let us help you enjoy the experience of eating your food and savoring every bite. We also have gluten free desserts as well. We want to keep Market Street of  Jonestown, PA the healthiest place to live. Contact us at (717) 865-5500 to enjoy our peaceful internet café experience.

Contact us:

BTony’s on Market Street


333 West Market Street

Jonestown, PA 17038


Phone: (717) 865-5500

Summer Hours: 8:00 am - 8:00pm, Closed Mondays

Hours: 11:00am – 9:00pm, Closed Mondays

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